X-plorers RPG

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The Universe is a big place with big problems

—that’s where you come in!
Put on your space suit, charge your ray rifle, and flip ignition on an outer-space adventure! Imagine if the first RPG had been one of interplanetary adventure—rules-light, fast-paced, and inspired by a passion for science fiction. In X-plorers, you’re part of a group of galactic troubleshooters on the look out for the next job—whether it be salvage, search, or rescue on an alien world.

Players: Explore, defend, and save the galaxy!

   ● SCIENTIST: Unravel the mysteries of a new alien race!

   ● SOLDIER: Take aim and defend against invaders!

   ● TECHNICIAN: Pilot a spaceship through danger!

   ● SCOUT: Foil the overlord’s plans using espionage!

Character generation is quick and easy so you can get to gallivanting around the galaxy. Choose from four character types with a simplified four-attribute skill system. Then outfit your team and prepare to make planetfall!

Game Masters: Create a cosmic sandbox using basic rules.

Includes: Complete Game Rules in 40 pages, 2 ship deck plans and digest & letter-sized character sheets.
40 pages, Softcover.