Vampire: VII

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You don't believe me? You think I am lying? You think I would lie to my Prince about something like this? Seven did this to your people liege. Here, tonight, the truth was in this room. It stood here and cut up your subjects - my sire! - to speak to us, and still you doubt it? Seven is real. This is the proof. They're here and they're not finished with us yet. - - Virgil Saint George, Seneschal to Prince Lyons This book includes: * Three different possible truths to the mystery of the vampires known as VII, allowing Storytellers to use VII in multiple chronicles without spoiling any surprises * Guidelines and advice for using the vampires of VII in any chronicle, whether as player-controlled protagonists or shadowy and horrific enemies. * New Disciplines, Merits, rituals and vampire lineages to add even more power and mystery to VII - or for Storytellers to use when creating their own versions of VII. 170 Pages, Hardcover.