Twilight: 2013 RPG

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It is July, 2013. World War III has been raging for several years. The earth’s population has been virtually decimated by nuclear bombing and fallout, famine, and disease. The surviving ten percent of the world’s population remains engaged in conflict. Military action still occurs - when there is sufficient fuel, ammunition and manpower – and all the civilians can do is try to stay alive.
Using real-world events through 2007 as a basis, Twilight: 2013 tells the story of our planet’s slide into oblivion, pitching players into a world devastated by war and ravaged by disease, immersing them in the tattered remnants of a place that is both familiar and alien. Twilight: 2013 is the core rule book for the 3rd Edition of the popular Twilight: 2000 series of RPG games originally published by GDW.
The main rules set provides a detailed character creation system which allows players to choose to side either with the veterans of the world’s military forces, or with the civilians who are caught up in the conflicts. With a staged rules system that caters to both novice and experienced players, Twilight: 2013 lets you choose to participate further in the world’s downfall, or help in the struggle to preserve and rebuild.
Fans of Twilight: 2000 will notice that Twilight: 2013 has evolved into a rich character-based role-playing experience, set against a military backdrop, with both military and civilian paths from which to choose.

350 pages, Hardcover.