The Seventh Seal RPG

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Roleplaying Game of Biblical Horror
The Seventh Seal is a horror roleplaying game inspired by biblical mythology and the Book of Revelation. Players assume the roles of Sentinels, mortal guardians invested with supernatural powers from Heaven. The Sentinels are the last echelon of light, the final righteous stroke against the rising tide of dark entities that seek to claim the souls of humanity. Using Judeo-Christian legends and prophecy as a backdrop, Seventh Seal is a roleplaying game of modern, supernatural horror.

Contained within . . .

  • An exploration of the Sentinel’s Anointing, introducing players to the subsequent roles their characters play within the game.
  • A detail of the war between Heaven and Hell through scraps of history, prophecy and misinformation.
  • Character creation including the seven Celestial Orders of Archangels, character backgrounds and other traits.
  • An in-depth examination of all the spiritual and supernatural traits available to Sentinels, including Grace, Insight, Divinities and Blessings.
  • Rules of the game, including dice rolling conventions, resolution mechanics, combat, health and equipment.
  • Deeper instruction for the Prophet in the arts of prophecy, horror, revelation and the creation of Crusades for a fulfilling roleplaying experience.
  • Details for the hierarchy of Hell, Demons, Iniquities and Sorcery. Also included are statistics for adversaries that will challenge and antagonize the Sentinels.
  • And much more . . .
216 pages, Hardcover.