Terra Inkognita: The NAGS Society Handbook

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Terra Incognita is a roleplaying games of exploration, intrigue, and mystery, featuring adventurer-scholars whose exploits span the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries. Armed with extensive training, unpredictable technology, and unimpeachable discretion, NAGS Society Members travel to the Four Corners of the globe — exploring unknown lands, investigating mysteries, and uncovering ancient knowledge.
Terra Incognita features a customized version of Steffan O’Sullivan’s innovative Fudge system from Grey Ghost Press.
Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook includes:
  • Character creation templates — a quick, easy method for generating individualized Nags;
  • A cornucopia of new Nag Tech gadgetry, from Bergstrom’s Acoustical Topophone to the Voluminous Valise;
  • Action resolution and combat; revised and refined, with useful illustrative vignettes;
  • Vehicles creation and combat rules, revised and streamlined, along with several novel vehicles;
  • A detailed list of items for purchase in the field, prices in dollars and pounds in 1890 and 1930, such as Conklin’s Handy Manual of Useful Information for a mere 60¢;
  • A completely new, ready–to–run adventure: Moctezuma’s Revenge;
  • A sample campaign: The Pangæa Prophesy, revised and expanded, along with a guided tour of the famous airship Legend;
  • Expanded advice for the game master on running Terra Incognita campaigns and adventures,
  • Sagacious guidelines for adjudicating Fudge rules;
  • A detailed almanac of occurrences historical and outré (from 1851 to 1940), brimming with over 90 tantalizing adventure ideas;
  • Seven NAGS Society campuses, one on each continent, described in detail;
  • Statistics for any number of madmen, minions, and monsters, each complete with adventure hooks;
  • Expanded collection of references and inspiration, conveniently annotated.
So sharpen your Sword Cane, brush up on your Diplomacy skills, pack your Adventurous Attire, and join us in the exploration of Terra Incognita!
144 pages, Softcover.