Star Wars: The Unknown Regions

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NEW from Star Wars® Roleplaying Games – The Unknown Regions™! Explore the outer regions of the galaxy, venturing into a sector of space full of strange aliens, dangerous horrors, and exciting adventure. This book serves as a reference for campaigns involving exploration and scouting of all kinds, focusing on the Unknown Regions as the galaxy's as-yet unexplored frontier. This book teaches Gamemasters how to create adventures involving exploration and alien planets, putting the tools needed in their hands to help ensure that their campaigns have a sense of being mysterious and exciting. Players will find a wealth of new information on how to make the most of heroic explorers, including members of the scout class, and provides new character building tools and equipment to help create heroes ready to explore the Unknown Regions.
  • Focuses on exploring the unknown and living to tell about it
  • Benefits scout players and provides many new options for explorers of all classes
  • Introduces new hazard rules for adventure and encounter building
  • Details eight entirely new planets and includes a mini-adventure for each world
224 pages, Hardcover.