SLAINE: The Roleplaying Game of Celtic Heroes (D20

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Welcome to Tir Nan Og, a land where ancient Celtic legends mingle with prehistoric fact, thousands of years ago, just after the end of the last ice age. Tir Nan Og is known as the Land of the Young, for very few of its people live to old age. The noble Tribes of the Earth Goddess keep their proud warrior traditions alive in northern Tir Nan Og, but are constantly threatened by the Fomorian sea-devils, the tribes of the evil Drune Lords, and the bloodthirsty Berserkers of Midgard. The gods and goddesses of the Land of the Young take a personal interest in its affairs, and it is quite possible to interact directly with them in their own lands, and even to call upon their aid on the battlefield. The Sláine role-playing game allows players to take the role of mighty Celtic heroes exploring a land in which legends are real and a strong warrior can carve out a reputation that may last for millennia. As members of the Tribes of the Earth Goddess, they will be called on to raid or war against rival tribes, quest after ancient treasures, or defend their lands against invading sea-devils. Over the years they will build up their honour and reputation, until one day they might join the ranks of the tribe's most elite warriors, or even become tribal leaders themselves. By playing the Sláine role-playing game, you can create a character who lives both in the magical land of Tir Nan Og and in your own imagination and that of your friends. One player will take the role of the Games Master, controlling the people and creatures who dwell within the land, whilst the other players will be either valiant heroes, wise druids, wily thieves or cunning witches. The Games Master sets Tir Nan Og before the other players, allowing them to explore everywhere from the frozen wastes of Lochlann to the north, to the magically drained Sourlands in the south and the territory of the evil Drune Lords beyond. This book will give you everything you need to create and play characters within Tir Nan Og, as well as give the Games Master enough information to accurately portray the Land of the Young. The following chapters can be found within this book; Chapter 1 - Characters in Tir Nan Og: A complete guide to creating characters for use in the game - the mighty warriors and heroes of the Land of the Young, druids both wise and evil, cunning witches, and wily thieves. Chapter 2 - Feats: Feats are special talents that may be acquired over time, permitting a player to truly customise his character. Chapter 3 - Goods and Weapons: The weapons and armour of the ancient Celtic lands are primitive and heavy, but often effective nonetheless. This chapter fully details iron and flint weapons, armour and shields, and other goods from farmland to gold torcs. Chapter 4 - Combat: Full rules for engaging in combat are covered in this chapter, whether you are a warped warrior capable of taking on dozens of foes single-handedly, a grim Sun Hero, or a noble warrior commanding a Sessair war party. Chapter 5 - Eyes Without Life, Sundered Heads, and Piles of Carcasses: Enormous battles frequently tear through Tir Nan Og, leaving great heaps of the slain on both sides. This chapter will allow you to run mass battles of every size from a tribal cattle raid with just a hundred or so warriors on each side, right up to a full-scale Fomorian invasion of the Land of the Young. Chapter 6 - Earth Power: Earth Power is the magic of Slaine's world, a subtle yet dangerous power derived from the land itself and frequently powered by human sacrifice. Most serious sorcerers are druids or witches, but anyone can learn a spell or two. Chapter 7 - A Guide to Sláine's World: This chapter contains everything a hero needs to know about day-to-day life in Tir Nan Og. Detailing everything from tribal culture and the legal system to the geography of the land, it is required reading for every player. Chapter 8 - Adventures in the Land of the Young: This