Crounching Wizard, Smashing Hammer

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Vikings are indeed a generous race -- despite the mewling complaints of certain effete outlanders. But Norse hospitality can only be pushed so far before... Bloody mayhem ensues! When the evil Red Wizard loosens his dark magicks on your villages feasting day, your Horde is honor bound to pursue him to the ends of Midgard -- all the way to Gruignir Mountain, home of a fearsome giant hungry for man flesh. Soon you will storm the Red Wizards keep, and he will learn how sharp your axes are! This booklet includes: - A full plot sequence, including three interlinked encounters, to introduce your Horde to advanced Rune adventures - A new foe with which to challenge your heroes: Ice Wights are the animated corpses of Viking warriors who died lost in the cold winter snows - Concept art from the new Halls of Valhalla expansion to the Rune computer game from Human Head Studios - Mecha-Dwarves! (Need we say more?)
Author: Chris Aylott
32 pages, Softcover.