Prophecy Player Manual

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Unleash your destiny ...
back outside of the box!
At last! The Prophecy Player Manual; stand alone edition, provides players with everything they need to create fully developed characters with exceptional depth ... and without needing to purchase the entire boxed edition! Just as important, the GM can stop handing all of his materials around the table! (Hey, we're gamers, too, and we feel for you!) Not merely the boxed edition book repackaged, this new manual is completely reformatted exclusively for the player with all of this at his or her fingertips:
In addition to the four Prime Race; Comnar,
Felinor, Gelling, and NelVan, you can now play as Brandel, Charlatans, Craulk,
Eldani, Grohl, Hydrel, Lauglites, Mwalik, Tagarens, and ValRath!

Kingdom Outlines-aids in choosing the realm best suited to your character's
story and culture, providing a foundation for values, goals and prejudices.
Faith & Guild Fundimentals allowing even greater depth to your character
while maintaining the mysteries that these aspects of Aesil'Dan life can bring!
Simplified Skill & Knowledge Section seperates skill descriptions from rules so
you can focus on PC creation before dealing with game play mechanics.
Whole Basic Game Spell Descriptions includes all 190 spells, 15 reagents and
46 alchemical mixtures found in the boxed set!
Streamlined Mechanics-system rules, also, are pared down to only what the
player needs to know; all more advanced game mechanics remain with the GM!
Player-Only C.A.T.S. new, smaller Charts And Tables Section holds only those
references players will use, and includes new "at a glance" reference charts that
greatly simplify and streamline themagic and combat system!!
128 pages, Softcover.