Pandora's Book

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At the moment of our birth - if thats the word - we make a choice. Life of Death. Division or Unity. Madness or Sanity. Flux or Azoth. Do we really make that choice? Does something in a creators makeup determine whether we sunder our flesh and slither away, or rise up to begin a new Pilgrimage? I dont know. But I do plan to find out, with your help. Yes, it might hurt a bit. - Dr. Brine, Osiran Curiosity Kills, Hope Abides At the bottom of Pandora’s box is Elpis, the hope for a new life. The Created know this — they feel the Elpis calling to them, guiding them on their Pilgrimage. But to reach this sublime state, they must fight their way through the evils of the world. Past the Hundred Handed, those Prometheans who choose to exalt Flux. Past the Pandorans, creatures born from the failures of the Created. Through the Firestorms, rains of blood, fear and fire. Following the beckoning of the qashmallim, the push onwards, ever searching for Hope. This book includes: • Detailed information on the many manifestations of Flux and Pyros, including the enigmatic qashmallim • Deadly new enemies for the Created • Sheltering Storm, a continuation of the Water of Life story begun in Promethean: The Created, set in New Orleans Pandoras Book is a 160 page hardcover supplement for the World of Darkness game Promethean: The Created.