Palladium Fantasy RPG, Second Edition

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The “Rifts®” of fantasy gaming The Second Edition Palladium Fantasy RPG is a dramatically revised and updated second edition of the original fantasy game rules — the first significant revision since its release in 1983. Kevin Siembieda has personally wrote the comprehensive second edition, and had this to say: “The fantasy RPG is the game that launched my company and has been its cornerstone for over a decade. The fans love this game as much as I do, so the second edition will be true to the original, but more fun and detailed than ever before. Not only will it be completely compatible with Rifts® and all of our other RPG’s, but it will be the Rifts of fantasy gaming — epic fantasy adventure in a unique world, and offering possibilities that are limited only by the player’s imagination!” The emphasis on the Second Edition will be on making the game better than ever, with clean, entertaining descriptions, exciting concepts, quick playability, and a better presentation of information and ideas. The end result will be the first step into the bold and dangerous world of high fantasy. A world of magic and conflict. A world dominated by a human civilization built on the bones of the non-humans who reigned before them. A world of unparalleled heroic adventure filled with magic, inhuman creatures and intrigue! The Palladium World is one of epic fantasy. A world torn in conflict with the non-human barbaric races, creatures of magic and supernatural forces. Non-Human playing characters provide a host of unusual creatures as regular characters. They include the feared changeling who can assume the shape and appearance of any humanoid. The giant races of troll, ogre and wolfen. The small and agile goblin, kobold, gnome and the mighty dwarf, as well as elf, human, and dozens of “optional” creatures found in both the Palladium RPG and Monsters & Animals. The skill system embellishes characters with knowledge and abilities that make him or her more than a simple fighter or mage. Combat is realistic, with strikes, parries, dodges and considerations for shields and armour. Yet it remains extremely quick and playable. An Experience System in which characters are rewarded for acts of ingenuity, ideas, cunning, discretion, trickery and bravery. Not hack and slash. Magic: Over 300 spells, plus elemental magic, circles, symbols and runes are yours to command. The most original forms of magic found only in the Palladium RPG are the Diabolist and Summoner. The Diabolist casts no spells, instead he uses the nearly forgotten magic of wards (mystic symbols) and circles of power. The Summoner too, is versed in the mystic arts of magic circle making, but his is a far more dangerous and often malevolent power, for he dares to summon and command creatures of magic. The wizard, warlock, priest and other more traditional characters also break away from their more common game molds, with a vast array of spells and abilities that make them truly unique. The Second Edition will Feature: The addition of the S.D.C. system along with hit points. An emphasis on characters and role-playing. More world information and history. Clearer rules and information. More skills (and less clumsy charts). More equipment and world information. New cover and new, great artwork by Siembieda, Martin, Post, and McKenna. The same great Occupational Character Classes and Racial Character Classes like the Long Bowman, Paladin, Diabolist, Mind Mage, Assassin, Changeling, Wolfen, Ogre, Elf, Faerie Folk, and others. Plus a few new one The same great magic system, but modified to the P.P.E. system. The same great psionics powers and I.S.P. system. The same quick playing combat and balanced game system. Over 20 Character Classes plus a dozen different player races (like the Wolfen, Changeling, elf, etc.) Wizard O.C.C. with over 300 spells. Diabolist O.C.C. with 60 wards and 50 magic circles. Rune weapons, magic items, curs
336 pages, Softcover.