Legends of Shadow

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Immortal power in the world of shadow. Thus far, the tales of Midnight have been the tales of mere mortals. The players have been warriros against the darkness, heroes drawn from the common folk, desperate fighters, spies, messengers, and saviors. Their foes have been likewise: the orcs of the dark host, the legates of the Order of Shadow, the Fell and the Trapped and the Lost. All that is about to change. Go beyond the battles and the hidden fights and discover the most powerful beings in the world, the legends of the Last Age: The Night Kings. * Official stats for the Night Kings, the Witch Queen Aradil, and her most powerful avatars. * Background information, histories, and plans for each of the Night Kings, for Aradil, and for her avatars. * Adventure hooks involving each of the Night Kings, whether for a beginning party that might foil the plans of one of their minor minions for for a truly epic conflict in which the PCs try to take down one of the Night Kings themselves. 64 Pages, Softcover.