The Book of Madness, Revised

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In Madness Lies Magic
It's not for teh weak-willed, magic. It'll blast the sanity right out of you, tear the innocence from your soul, devour the shreds of humanity from your heart. The cogs of the universe spin on axes too vast for humans to grasp, and once you open the door to magic, you open yourself to the baggage that comes along for the ride - maddened Marauders, necrotic Nephandi and the strangeness of spirits that predate humanity. A little frightened? A little worried? Too late, they're here.
and from deceit, truth
Here at last, a revised and updated look at the other major factions of Mage conflict: The crazed Marauders whose fragmented Avatars give them insane visions of magic gone awry; the terrifying Nephandi who hope to end the miscegenated cosmos in bleak, utter nothingness; and the cryptic spirit hosts that serve needs and places humans have never imagined. All expanded and ready to include in your chronicle.