The Darklands

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Welcome to Darklands, the book about this most terrible country and the vile beings that rule that blasted scar on the face of Magnamund. This text will definitively list the Darklords in all their ebon glory, with their powers, their provinces, and their legions in detail. By the time you have finished reading this tome of terror, you will know the ways of evil on Magnamund much better than you did before. You will know which Darklord rules in the domain of Nightmares, which one revels in the applications of torture, and what horrors churn to be awakened in the underhalls of Helgedad. You have been warned. There is no force of darkness in Magnamund greater than the Darklords. Incarnations of evil borne of pure malice and hatred, they are the personifications of evil brought forth into the world by Naar, the true Lord of Evil and the greatest of the Dark Gods. Each one is subtly different and while they all serve the same ends, they do so often at cross purposes. That may be Magnamund’s only saving grace from their power. The nature of evil is recursive; nothing truly lasting comes from evil sources and nothing that is wholly evil can long stand the presence of an equal. The Darklords are held together as a single force by Naar’s will alone. Even so, there is little to keep them harmonious and many of their best laid plans are torn asunder not by the machinations of the land’s desperate heroes but by their own in-fighting and ambition. It is only when one Darklord, such as Zagarna or Vashna before him, rises to such pre-eminence that none of his peers dares to challenge his power that anything is done in the name of Naar’s true goal- domination of Magnamund. As the planet most beloved in all of Aon by Kai and Ishir, this world is the one jewel Naar craves most for his crown of might. If he can take Magnamund from the Gods of Light, his victory over them will be complete. To that end, he has committed time and time again the greatest bulk of his power. He did it once when he crafted the false persona of the Scarling and slew Kai’s true son over the molten beginnings of Magnamund. He did it again when he corrupted the dragons and set them against their own. He reached forth a third time with a son of his own, Agarash the Mighty, and nearly succeeded in grinding the world beneath his black heel. Only the power of the Elder Magi turned aside his victory by the narrowest of margins. Then he created the Darklords and set them into motion in the Darklands, a ruined land in the heart of the world he despised so much. To these entities he gave the gifts of immortality, terror, wrath, and power. They became invulnerable to the weapons of mortals and while they were bound to Helgedad and the Darklands as the source of their foul energy, they were all but indefeatable within that domain. But generals were not enough. The Dark God Naar knew that with his most powerful minions tied to one place on Magnamund, they would never be able to gain him the victory he craved. To them, he also bequeathed a gift more powerful and deadly than any of the others- the gift of twisted life. The Darklords were given the power to make living things in the image of their own formless, terrible god. They set to work in the labyrinth under Helgedad, corrupting the living bodies of others and creating all new creatures of such malevolence that the very surface of Magnamund quaked at their efforts. In this way, Naar’s evil begat evil of its own and the cycle of darkness continued anew. From their unholy spawning vats, the Darklords unleashed mutated creatures and original beasts of vicious cruelty to spread over Magnamund. The Darklords themselves could not leave the borders of the Darklands for long without suffering weakness and death, but their creations were under no such limitation. With them, the vile grasp of Naar’s generals could enclose neighbouring countries and bring them under their dark control. These Darkspawn were power