Secrets of the Crab

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Secrets of the Crab is a highly detailed sourcebook containing a wealth of information for campaigns involving the Crab Clan. Provinces, customs, history, and important individuals will be explored in greater depth than in past books. This book not only serves as a players guide to being a Crab, but also as a GMs guide for creating adventures set in Crab territories. Includes a special Secrets chapter containing unrivaled mysteries of the Crab. This book updates the story through the current expansion of the CCG arc. Compatible with the traditional Alderac game system and the popular d20 system. New options for campaigns and character creation mean that product will appeal to both players and GMs. Setting information could be removed and placed in any setting with minimal difficulty, appealing to non-L5R d20 fans. Contains new fiction and background information featuring L5R characters. Strong continuity with the L5R CCG.