Torg of the Rings!

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One Ring To Fool Them All! This book is largely concerned with Kobolds, and from its pages readers may discover something of their character and a little of their history (a very little). Further details can be found in the selection from the Bright Orange Book of East Bumble that has already been published, under the title of Kobolds Ate My Baby! Third Edition. Which was derived from the earlier chapters of the Orange Book, penned by King Torg himself, the first Kobold to become famous the world over, and called by him the Kobolds Ate My Baby!, since it told of their journeys into East Bumble and returning with many plump babies: an adventure which later involved all Kobolds in the greatest feast of all time. Those events, however, are not recounted here. Many, however, may wish to know more about these unusual people before reading this adventure, while some may not possess the earlier work. For such people a few words on their more interesting traits are collected here from Kobold-Lore. Kobolds are an obtrusive and very young people, and due to their rabbit-like libido, their numbers are ever growing. Fortunately as theyve yet to develop the concept of fear or the realization that they are no match for any of the other races, their numbers are generally kept in check. Their favorite food is babies; they worship Vor, the big red god of Anger; and are lorded over by a King whose appetite is nearly as great as Vors anger. They are dim-witted and slow to learn: in fact, if they couldnt see in the dark they wouldnt have a thing going for them. Written by Daniel Landis.