The Rookie's Guide to Crazes

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Weighing in at 64 pages, this is an indispensable guide for any citizen (whether player or Games Master crated) who aims to cause the Justice Department as much trouble as possible. Sporting a front cover that shows Chopper giving Judge Dredd himself the run-around, it puts you right into the spirit for which this supplement is intended! The first chapter covers that most glamorous of crazes, Skysurfing. Here you will find a complete history of the sport, along with full details of each of the world championships (including the Kings Challenge of Luxor, the Le Mans Open, the Shogun Cuip and, of course, the Supersurf), along with the rules for running your very own race as part of a scenario - whether the players are the daredevils competing or judges trying to stop the illegal pursuit. New feats will be of interest to professional skysurfers, such as Avoid Collision and Improved Power Roll, while three new power boards will prove a drain on credit accounts but serve to provide a vital edge. The chapter winds up with the Brit-Cit craze of Zipp Boarding, about to become very popular in Mega-City One. Unlike Power Boards, Zipp Boards hover just a few inches off the ground and so are guaranteed to cause nightmares for pedestrians! Next up is the Pro-Eating chapter - something we have had a lot of requests for as this details Fatties fully. As well as taking a look at the nature of underworld contests and the coming of the worlds first two ton man, full rules are given for surgical procedures (detachable jaws and the like) and appetite enhancers/inducers to allow citizens to pork up. A variety of new belliwheels are now available, as well as the Lardo-Matic Belly Platform for those Fatties who want to gain a little mobility and a lot of class. At last, a Fattie prestige class is now available and, for those players who do not wish to enter the sport quite so seriously, the Trainer, who can drive Fatties even further forward in their guzzling ambitions. Batgliding is the next craze which gets the full treatment. Bat Gliding Clubs, Paragliders and the Vulture Squadron are all detailed, ready to be inserted into an ongoing campaign. Bat Gliders are proving quite popular in the game for citizens to move around the city in near silence, so feats such as Detect Thermal Eddy and Pin-Point Landing will not only enhance their longevity in the air, they can also ensure the citizen does not wind up splatted all over the nearest city block. Also aiding them to this end are such devices as Bat HUDs, Ravenwings and Stealth Gliders. The game of Shuggy (much like a warped version of snooker or pool) was made famous in the comic strip by Max Normal and now players too can try their luck at the Booglariser - yes, it is near impossible! The full rules for Shuggy are provided, both for real life and the RPG, and citizens will find the Shuggy Hall Owner prestige class will fit in very well with the Rookies Guide to Criminal Organisations. . . Perhaps the first craze citizens get involved in is Scrawling, and in this chapter you can read about the most famous scrawler of all, Chopper – and his ultimate Tag War with the Phantom. Zip lines and camelocloaks will ensure citizens can get to places never scrawled before and the Scrawler prior life will set a new character right on his way to become the Scrawl Tag King. Feeding the Masses covers an altogether more passive craze - Tri-D entertainment and the vid shows that dominate Mega-City One. Citizens can now create their own game shows, soap operas, sports programs and reality Tri-D - of course, these are anything but ordinary in Mega-City One. Full rules are given for creating your own pirate Tri-D studios (usually mobile) and even your own shows. Will this enhance your criminal career? Probably not, but think of the fun to be had! All Creatures Great and Small takes a look at some of the alien and mutated vermin that have all instigated their own crazes in one way or another. From th