The Rookies Guide to Atlantis & the Black Atlantic

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Atlantis is a word that conjures up mystery and intrigue when mentioned, and like the fabled city of legend, the way station of Atlantis acts as a magnet for explorers, vagabonds and tourists alike. Located in the middle of the Black Atlantic Ocean and protected only by a handful of judges, Atlantis is a port of call for ships, subs and a focal hub of the amazing Trans-Atlantic Tunnel that connects Mega-City One to Brit-Cit. Pirates are always a broadside away and boardroom dealings and politics work to drain every ounce of willpower from the citizens employed to make sure the station runs properly. Atlantis is a place where the rich and famous stand above the common man and where it is as simple to disappear from sight as it is to board the Zip monorail. This book is a detailed guide to the amazing ocean based station of Atlantis, its occupants and everyday life in one of the harshest environments on Earth. Games Masters will find a wealth of background information that can be used in either a citizen or judges campaign, including new feats, skills, prestige classes and equipment, as well as a whole host of other information to whet the appetite of both Games Master and player alike. You will find details of the citizens who live and work on the station, as well as the worst dregs of humanity that prey upon them. Smuggling and piracy are commonplace and Games Masters will find details on running pirate campaigns and one off adventures. The judges of Sea Watch are the last line of defence on Atlantis and it is these brave men and women who work tirelessly to keep the populace under control and stamp down hard on crime. Players can now choose from a number of new judge Prestige Classes from the members of Sea Watch to Harbour and Ocean Patrol, or investigate illegal aliens as an Immigration Control Judge. A wealth of information is provided for the Games Master to seed adventure ideas or run an entire campaign located on Atlantis, and details of the station, the Trans-Atlantic Tunnel and Poseidon the Justice Departments underwater facility are provided. This book also provides details on piracy and the pirates who operate in the Black Atlantic and some of the other oceans of the world and provides details on some of the strange and fearsome creatures found in the darkest depths of the Black Atlantic. So whether you plant on partaking in a game of Aquaball in the Seaview Park, diving at the Jacques Cousteau Underwater Training centre, or just waiting for the connection to Brit-Cit, The Rookies Guide to Atlantis offers you all this and much more. Author: Marc Farrimond 128 Pages.