Kazan Gambit: Target: Mega-City One

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Part Three of the Kazan Gambit. Target - Mega-City One is a Judge Dredd scenario for four to six 5th or 6th level judges. The third and final episode of the Kazan Gambit trilogy, Target - Mega-City One presents the players with a series of challenges that must be met and overcome if Mega-City One is to survive a mass invasion by East Meg One sleeper agents, clones of the infamous War Marshal Kazan. If the judges fail in their mission, Mega-City One will be destroyed! The judges watch as Mega-City One delivers a stunning counter attack to the East-Meg missile strike, using an upgraded laser defence mesh to vaporise the missiles, an improved technology unavailable twenty years earlier. Unfortunately, the power surge caused by the laser mesh shuts down the city's power grid. The judges return to Sector 190 and regroup with their comrades who have been forced to vacate Sector House 190 by a concerted Sov attack, only to be struck down by a Sov-controlled Manta Prowl Tank. The survivors take refuge in Emergency Ops Base G to plan their next moves, but some are captured by the East Meg telekine Irka Kulakola and taken to a Sov gulag to begin a life of hard labour, building new vehicles and weapons for the sleepers. The judges escape and are sent on their most dangerous mission yet, to prevent a group of walking bombs from destroying the Nukco power station's reactors and razing Sector 190 to the ground in a nuclear holocaust! 32 Pages, Softcover.