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Gangs of Mega-City One

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Gangs of Mega-City One allows to you to take command of a street gang, filled with the roughest and toughest punks in your block. You will lead them in brawls and rumbles with the rival gangs of other players in an attempt to win turf, fame and hard cash. Each gang member is represented by one miniature on the table, customised and painted by yourself. As you play more and more games of Gangs of Mega-City One, your gang will become more powerful, recruiting new members, hiring specialists and buying superior weapons and equipment on the black market. The goal of each player in this game is to defeat the gangs of his opponents, through a mixture of skill and raw luck, building up his own gang in the process.

The more you play Gangs of Mega-City One, the better your street gang will become – even if you lose a fight, your gang members will at least have learnt something and they may not be so quick to suffer defeat again in the future! As a gang grows, it will not just recruit more members and earn more credits. As it spreads its influence beyond its own block, the gang will begin to dominate more turf, gaining a sizeable reputation within Mega-City One’s criminal circles. Canny players will use this to gain access to incredibly powerful weaponry or hire extremely skilled specialists who will swing the balance of any confrontation in their favour.

As well as developing the street gang as a whole, players will also have a chance to build up the skills and capabilities of each individual member. Young juves have much to learn but the street is a harsh teacher. Those who survive will stand to become among the greatest of all gang members. Even gang leaders will develop new skills and traits that will ensure they are far harder to defeat in a rumble.

Gangs of Mega-City One allows you to see your gang grow from a group of disenfranchised and bored young punks to the greatest criminal masterminds Mega-City One has ever seen!

Each box set contains the full colour rulebook, 12 plastic Street Gang miniatures, a full set of card buildings and a floorplan that will have you fighting for turf within minutes!