In Flames: Uplifts

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Alien Forms

Uplifting, the science of melding human-scale intelligence with alien biology is rife on the Flame Worlds. Created as slaves, servants, or as truly equals in society, Uplifts can be found in all walks of life.

Alien Minds

They may have similar intelligence to humans, but Uplifts are not human, and their minds work in subtly different ways that are hard to comprehend. Uplifts represent a strange, illogical fusing of the human and the truly alien. On the Flame Worlds, they are the aliens among us.

This supplement for the In Flames science fiction role-playing game of action, adventure psychosis and discovery details the science of uplifting, famous uplifters of the Flame Worlds, Uplift equipment, and detailed descriptions of more than ten common Uplifts. Also included are rules for creating Uplift Hosts for Exile characters.

A copy of In Flames is needed for play. This supplement uses a variant of the D6 rule system, although this supplement could easily be used with any science fiction role-playing game.

76 pages, Softcover.