In Flames RPG

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You are not in your own body. You can remember snatches of your past, of a heavenly existence, and of a terrible fall from grace. You were once something more than human; you were a god, a post-human, one of the Loa - but, no more. You committed a crime. A terrible crime, one that stood against all that your peers believed in. And for that you were thrown out, ejected, cast down to the lower worlds, named an Exile. But there is hope. Ghede, the force that represents the Understar in the material reality, has offered you a chance to return home. All you must do is walk these lesser worlds - the Flame Worlds, a hazily remembered place of death and intrigue - performing tasks as required by your new master, and in doing so find a way to resolve the guilt of your crime and a return to the Understar.

In Flames is a science fiction role-playing game of action, adventure, psychosis, and discovery utilizing a variant of the D6 system.