Hunter: the Vigil - Block by Bloody Block

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You can look out over the city and see what you want to see. Maybe you see the bright lights, and it gives you hope. The best way to see what's really going on? Turn away from the bright lights, big city, and sit down at this card table right here and roll out a map.

The docks go to the bloodsuckers, the banks, too. The projects, we don't know who has them because we can't get close. The park falls to the beasts, and the highways to the jackals. You cut the place to ribbons, then soak it in blood, because that's how they got what they got by soaking the city in blood, theirs and everybody elses. And this right here? This tiny piece that's half the size of a postage stamp? That's your cut. You content with that? Maybe you are. But I'm not. So gear up, because it's liberation time... Block by Bloody Block!