High School of the Damned

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High School of the Damned in a table-top Role-Playing Game that allows players to take on the role of high school students attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse.  They aren't heroes trying to save the world.  They're normal people just trying to survive.  

The default setting for HSotD is Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Maps of the city and a description of the events that transpired to bring the world to this point paint a vibrant, ready to use setting... or show you how to adapt your own home-town. 

Players start by choosing one of the nine cliques available to player characters.  From their character creation uses a point-buy system that ensures that, not only are the characters balanced, but players are playing characters that they want to play.  Character improvement is also done using a point-buy system, so you're only improving the abilities you want to use and improve.  

New  rules for using social skills make social interaction as dynamic as combat.  They allow "role-players", "roll-players", and casual gamers to become engrossed in the social aspects of the game in a way that was previously reserved for combat... or that one player who wrote a 12 page character history that he was only too happy to recite each and every time his character was introduced to another player character or NPC. 

Our d10 system ensures that everything you write on your character sheet and every die you drop serves a purpose.  Whether you're swinging a chainsaw (did I mention we have rules for killing zombies with chainsaws) or trying to fix an engine, every die rolled has a real affect on game play.  

And it goes without saying, though I'm going to say it anyway, our unique perspective on zombies ensures that even fans of the genre will have fun learning the dangers that the Zombie Apocalypse holds.  

Not to mention that the things you'll learn while playing this game just might save your life when the real zombie apocalypse hits...
156 pages, Softcover.