Villains Unlimited

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One look will tell you that this book is something special. Page after page of unique and interesting villains, anti-heroes, and secret organizations. No knock-off generic characters in this book! Each and every character is distinct and different, with his own origin, history, personality, powers, and point of view. Homicidal maniacs, would-be world conquerors, speed demons, supernatural monsters, superhuman mutants, aliens, cyborgs, robots, wizards, and much more. All major villains are illustrated by Kevin Long, Kevin Siembieda and/or Mike Gustovich. Plus adventures and adventure ideas. Highlights Include: Over 80 villains and a dozen heroes/anti-heroes. Secret villainous organizations like the Fabricators and Dark Tribunal; eight in all. How to design your own super organizations. S.C.R.E.T.: Superbeing Control, Retrieval, and Elimination Teams — government agencies developed to counter the threat of super humans. New robots, weapons, gimmicks, equipment and more. Art by Long, Siembieda, and Gustovich. Written by Long and Siembieda. For Heroes Unlimited™ and compatible with Ninjas & Superspies™, Beyond the Supernatural™, Rifts™, and the entire Palladium Megaverse™. New Material in this revised edition includes the Jury, the secret organization that polices superheroes gone bad. 224 Pages, Softcover.