Heroes Unlimited RPG Revised 2nd Edition

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There has never been a single superhero RPG book, like Heroes Unlimited, that enables players to create virtually every type of hero imaginable ... Mutants, superhumans, alien visitors, super-sleuths, weapon masters, cyborgs, robots, psychics, masters of the mystic arts, super-soldiers, genius inventors, and even crazy heroes. Heroes Unlimited, 2nd Edition, there ain't nothing like it. But don't take our word for it. Pick up a copy and see for yourself. Creation rules for virtually every genre of hero. Over 100 super-abilities plus special skills and genius. Cyborg and robot hero creation rules. Super vehicles creation rules, gimmicks and high technology. Secret identities and secret organizations. Rules clarifications, tweaks and additional information. New, dynamic Steranko cover and new interior art. Adventure ideas, guidelines and tons of fun. Compatible with Rifts® and the entire Palladium Megaverse™.

Written & created by Kevin Siembieda. Additional material by Wayne Breaux Jr.

352 Pages, Softcover.