HELLBOY: Sourcebook and RPG

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Hellboy is Here! Mike Mignolas Hellboy took the world of comics by storm. Now the big red guy enters the world of gaming. The Hellboy Roleplaying Game and Sourcebook is a complete RPG and guide to the world of Hellboy . . . his friends, his foes, his adventures. Players may take the roles of Hellboy and his allies . . . or create new agents of his occult research agency, the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. The book features a brand new Hellboy story by Christopher Golden. Written by Phil Masters (GURPS Atlantis, GURPS Discworld) and Jonathan Woodward (GURPS Ogre), this is a Powered by GURPS release, with the basic GURPS system integrated into the text. Written by Phil Masters and Jonathan Woodward Short story by Christopher Golden Hellboy created by Mike Mignola