Farscape RPG (D20)

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From the vast reaches of the Uncharted Territories, the Farscape role-playing game is here! The game contains complete details on the ground-breaking universe of astronaut John Crichton and his friends. It is fully compatible with the d20 system published by Wizards of the Coast™, and holds a wealth of information that no Farscape fan should be without:
  • Comprehensive coverage of the first two seasons of the television show, including
    information on all the major characters.
  • Thorough background on a dozen PC races: Baniks, Delvians, Hynerians, Ilanics, Luxans, Nebari, Scarrans, Sebaceans, Sheyangs, Tavleks, Vorcarians, and Zenetans.
  • New feats and skills, mystic powers, and character classes unique to the Uncharted Territories.
  • Ship creation rules, starship combat, and details on the vessels of major spacefaring races, including the majestic Leviathans and their symbiotic Pilots.
320 pages, Hardcover.