Exalted Storytellers Companion

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True Wisdom Requires Knowledge The world of Exalted is a treacherous one, and the Threshold teems with danger. It springs from the alien might of spirits and the machinations of the Dragon-Blooded, from the raw power of elementals and the ancient fury of the Lunar Exalted. Whatever road the newly reborn Solar Exalted walk, they face many challenges. True Strength Requires Wisdom The Exalted Storytellers Companion is a valuable resource for Exalted Storytellers, picking up where the rulebooks Antagonists chapter leaves off. It offers expanded information on the spirit courts, the other Celestial Exalted, the society and powers of the Dragon-Blooded, and contains descriptions and statistics for a wide variety of magical devices and wondrous items. The Exalted Storytellers Companion is also packaged with a Storytellers screen, containing the games most important charts and tables. Authors: Heather Grove, Dean Shomshak, Adam Tinworth Developer: Geoffrey C. Grabowski 72 Pages.