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The Prophets of Unconquered Sun
Spiritual pilgrims, the Zenith Caste of the Solar Exalted are the hands and voice of the Unconquered Sun. Yet these stalwart heroes are more than mere priests and propagandists. With their crusading hearts and invincible strength, the Zenith Caste is amighty force for righteousness in the world. Those who would make it a place of misery and pain should fear, for the championsof the Sun have come to deliver their comeuppance.
The Judges of a New First Age
Caste Book: Zenith is the next in the Caste Book series for Exalted books detailing the games different character types. Within its pages are all the secrets of the Zenith Caste, from their fragmentary memories of the First Age to the shared visions of the Unconquered Sun that unite them. The book contains newCharms, rules, spells and artifacts to help them carry out their holy mission.