Book of Three Circles

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The Power of Sorcery Is Limitless In the golden days of the First Age, the Exalted mastered the secrets of sorcery the art of reshaping Creation itself through Essence and force of will. They conjured diamonds from the air and rode across the sky in burning chariots. But the Age of Splendor is no more. All that remains are fragments of past knowledge. Can you reclaim the heritage of power that is yours? Can You Master It? The Book of Three Circles details the intricacies of sorcery in the world of Exalted. The book details over 50 spells from all three Circles of magic. It also provides rules and information on Demesnes, Manses, Hearthstones and the creation of spells and magic items. Finally, this book offers descriptions of over a dozen enchanted devices. Authors: Christine Gregory, Heather Grove and Deirdre Brooks, with Genevieve Cogman, John Snead, David Wendt and William Wulf Developer: Geoffrey C. Grabowski 128 Pages.