Aspect Book: Fire

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The Scarlet Offspring of Heshiesh Socialites and soldiers without peer, the Aspects of Fire are the shimmering embers of the Dragon-Blooded host. Yet these visionaries do far more than make love and war. With their vibrant personalities and incredible martial skills, the Children of Heshiesh are the beating heart of Dragon-Blooded society and the driving impulse of its people. The Thousand Tongues of Flame Aspect Book: Fire is the next Aspect Book for Exalted - a series detailing the different Terrestrial Exalted. Within are the stories of five members of the caste, from the experiences of those who have just graduated to the plans of the mighty Cathak Cainan. This book also contains new magical powers, rules and artifacts that Fire-Aspected characters need to claim their role among Dragon-Blooded as advocates and masters of the daiklave. Authors: Kraig Blackwelder and Genevieve Cogman. Developer: Geoffrey C. Grabowski 96 Pages.