EverQuest: Realms of Norrath - Freeport

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In through the Gates As one of the largest cities in Norrath, and the gateway from the continent of Antonica to Faydwer to the east, Freeport abounds with adventure. From intrigue within as the paladins of North Freeport face off against the supposedly corrupt guardsmen who control the remainder of city, to the threats from all the nearby regions (tribes of orcs, the dark elf city of Neriak and more), Freeport is the crossroads that heroes seek. Out through the Sewers This first setting sourcebook for the EverQuest Roleplaying Game contains a map and description of the entire city of Freeport, from the docks in the east to the areas of worship in the north to the wizard guilds nestled squarely in the citys center. Also included are descriptions for scores of NPCs, ideas for dozens of adventures and much more.