EverQuest: Realms of Norrath - Forests of Faydark REA

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"The Forest is Lovely, Dark and Deep..." ... and the orcs of Crushbone have promises to keep. Namely, doing more than just carving out a home for themselves in a forest swarming with elves, faeries, giant wasps, and spiders -- and other, darker things as well. Emperor Crushbone is intent on claiming the whole of Faydark. Forget the two elven cities, Kelethin of the wood elves and Felwithe of the high elves. Pay no heed to the rangers and the druids who protect these woods, as well as the mysterious arboreans. These things may be of little concern, for it is rumored that the orcs have forged an alliance. Is it with the clandestine cult known as the Unseen, hidden within the Hills of Shadw? With the dark elf vampire lord Mayong Mistmoore himself? Some elves are concerned enough that they seek visions of the future in the waters of Elizerain Lake... but the images there are more troubling still. 100% compatible with 3.5 Edition Fantasy Role-Playing Rules The latest in the 'Realms of Norrath' series, Forests of Faydark details the central regions of the Faydwer continent, including Greater and Lesser Faydark, the Hills of Shade, and Elizerain Lake, as well as two elven cities and the orc stronghold of Crushbone. This vast amount of source material allows for innumerable stories and adventures, but one ready-to-run adventure is also included: 'The Barrow of Aataltaal.'