EverQuest: Player's Handbook REA

White Wolf
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Its Your World Now! It reigns supreme as the worlds #1 MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and now the setting and characters of EverQuest are available in the original roleplaying game format: the book. The EverQuest Roleplaying Game puts the entire world of Norrath the heroes as well as the villains in your hands for the first time. The worlds #1 RPG setting meets the worlds #1 fantasy roleplaying system! Created under the Open Game License, the EverQuest Roleplaying Game is 100% compatible with the 3rd edition rules of the worlds most popular fantasy tabletop roleplaying system. The EQrpg Players Handbook contains everything you need to create characters and begin experiencing Everquest in a whole new way. All the character classes from paladin to shadow knight. All the races from dark elf to the lizardmen iksar. Hundreds of spells, skills, feats, equipment and more are packed into this essential volume. Hardcover, illustrated in full color.