Mysteries of the Occult

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Master the Occult
Forgotten secrets open to your eyes. Demon hunters track their nemeses through wild Etherspace while ritual occultists master ancient rites long lost to the world. Take control of the ether's mysterious forces with new occult talents and feats, along with 7 advanced classes and 4 prestige classes
Glimpse the Mysteries
Etherscope's rainy streets and shrouded Scope domains hide ancient dangers and unknowable beings. Discover secret societies that have manipulated events for centuries. Learn of strange creatures that science denies. Behold the antediluvian civilisations that throve before the catastrophic Earth-Wrack. Discover truths about Etherscope demons and System agents, and the alien entities they serve: the maddening Great Old Ones and the mysterious System.
112 pages, Softcover.