Creatures of the Dreamseed

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The journals of the painter of monsters - Fra Domenico
These are the writing of Fra Domenico, collected in the year 2654 from among 13 journals which burdened him heavily during his travels throughout Europe, and prepared for the Pontifex Maximus Petrus Secundus and the most honored Konsistorium.
I, Fra Domenico, most subordinate servant of the holy Angelitic Church, have created this documentary to the best of my knowledge, based on my experiences with the Dreamseed and other demonspawn. But before I end my introductory text, let me mention that my colleague Hieronymous and I would kindly ask the Konsistorium to not make the details of this text available to the public. The findings containded within these pages will make the common believer shiver with fear - or worse. We would instead suggest this journal be kept secret and in most responsible hands until everything within has been evaluated, tested, and confirmed.