Elric! Sailing on the Seas of Fate

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Open Seas

Whoever rules the ocean is master of the Young Kingdoms. Melniboné, the Isle of Purple Towns, and dread Pan Tang are the hinges of the sea and the grapples of the land. Each seeks dominion in the world, and either has ruled it in the past or will rule it soon. While Chaos, Law, and Balance leave the waters to the wind, those who dare may sail.

Sailing on the Seas of Fate details the ship and sea rules for use with the Elric! roleplaying game, providing all the tools and background needed by a gamemaster. It includes a ship record sheet, sixteen types of merchant vessels, various small boats, lethal warships, and the feared Melnibonean battle barge. Also featured are a large scenario, the sailing instructions, a ship disaster table, sea menaces, storms, siege engines, seafaring, survival at sea, ship and sea battles in the Saga, crew stats for five classes of vessels, creatures, scenario hooks, an analysis of the Dark Ship that sails the multiverse, spot rules for shipboard combat, shipboard fumble rules, many illustrations, and more.