Dragon Warriors: Friends or Foes

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FRIENDS OR FOES describes 36 fascinating characters from all over the world of Dragon Warriors, and interconnects them in a weave of plots and history that can be used to underpin any number of adventures. There are corrupt nobles, weird sorcerers, people cursed by the Fae or tormented by the past, merchants and mercenaries, priests and peasants, and even a selection of notable monsters such as Jasper the Gargoyle and the Silver Stag.

Consider Baron Darcheaux, haunted by the ghost of his dead son; Father Corbin, the man of faith cursed by the lords of the fairies; Rocelin the Minstrel whose songs will chronicle the adventuring deeds of the player-characters; Thomas and William the brewing brothers whose rivalry is almost as potent as their beer; or Tuanku, the beautiful diplomat from the southern isles who appears to have a rusty nail embedded in the back of her neck. All characters have full game-stats and a selection of adventure-seeds to get them involved in the players' campaign.

The book also contains GM notes on creating hirelings with personalities, and an alamanac of stats for basic NPCs from bandits and town guards to poachers, pilgrims and primitives. No Dragon Warriors game is complete without FRIENDS OR FOES!
64 pages, Softcover.