Sidewinder: Recoiled

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Sidewinder: Recoiled is the definitive RPG treatment of the Wild West, updating the ENnie nominated Sidewinder: Wild West Adventures for the d20 Modern system. Capture the cinematic action and adventure of your favorite western movies, TV shows and novels using this complete set of rules. Create courageous gunslingers, low-down rustlers or high-stakes gamblers and test your mettle out on the frontier. Sidewinder: Recoiled contains 19 advanced classes, new feats and skills, a veritable stockade of new weaponry suited for the western frontier, and all the SRD rules you need for active play. Feast your eyes on 25 new feats, complete combat rules specifically adapted for western adventure, sample characters, background information for your campaign, critter descriptions and statistics and much more. So strap on your hoglegs, saddle up, and pull your hat down low. Youre fixin to ride into the REAL Wild West of Sidewinder: Recoiled. Requires the Use of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, Published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.