Modern Magic

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How would modern life be different if magic really worked? What if magic were as available to the common citizen as cars and jewelry and prescription medications? Or what if magic worked like the Wiccans and the Order of the Golden Dawn believe? And what would happen if the worlds armies started using wands and potions along with their guns and bombs? The Game Mechanics (Martial Arts Mayhem and the Modern Players Companion) got together three d20 System game designers and asked them to explore these very questions. The result is Modern Magic: a fascinating look at applied mysticism-and with a contemporary sensibility. Inside youll find spells with names like plain brown wrapper and welding touch, and magic items like the potion bottle opener or the police whistle of backup. Youll find low-magic rules for modern magical belief systems, including Wicca and Vodoun, and a new advanced class just for the kind of ceremonial casters required by these magic systems. And for military-based campaigns, there are three new campaign models based on magic in the military: rare and secretive, available and specialized, and common as dirt--each with its own advanced class, such as the Arcane Spec-Op, Thaumaturgical Specialist, and the Magic Grunt. With all the options presented in Modern Magic, every modern d20 System campaign should be able to find a model that suits their tastes. Written by: Cagle, Montesa, Redman, Smith & Stani 80 Pages.