Chimaera Universe RPG

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The golden to modern age of super heroes and sci-fi is unleashed into gaming in the amazing Chimaera Universe RPG! This 240-page lavishly illustrated Rulebook captures the expansive world of the Chimaera Super Hero Universe as imagined and created by fan favorite and prolific comic book creator/writer George T Singley and his Chimaera Studios.

The Chimaera Universe Core Rulebook has been designed to provide everything a player needs at a reasonable price, while the growing range of supplements enhance the game to unlimited heroic ends! Exhaustively researched and developed, The Chimaera Universe Roleplaying Game lets players and the Director immerse themselves completely into the world of the greatest super heroes of all time and the most nefarious villains to ever endanger the planet!

Strap on that cape, pull up that cowl, slide on those power gauntlets, and hide behind that mask…It’s up to you to be a Hero!
240 pages, Softcover.