Uresia: Grave of Heaven (d20)

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In an age before history, mortals roamed the land. The gods, vain and numerous, ruled the heavens, but they also fought amongst themselves. In the end, the gods destroyed themselves and nearly the world. A few living things survived on the remnants of the shattered land -- a broken ring of islands scorched by lava and washed clean by storms. That was a long time ago. Uresia: Grave of Heaven d20 is an original fantasy anime setting for the BESM D20, from the creative mind of S. John Ross. Explore a world where a lecherous teenager can become king, a savvy chef can command a navy, and entire cities of the gods lie in ruin. Uresia d20 details a land of endless adventure; its time for heroes, villains, fortune-seekers, and ordinary men, to determine what happens next. 80 Pages, Softcover.