The Athena Strain

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The Athena Strain is a 64-page Babylon 5 adventure that has been designed in such a manner as to make it as flexible as possible for the Games Master. It can be easily altered to fit into an existing campaign or run as a one-off game without any problems. The game should however be taking place before the Interstellar Alliance has been formed. This book is designed as a toolkit to run the game, fully capable of allowing Player Characters and events to deviate from the ‘scripted’ timeline. The Athena Strain puts a group of Babylon 5 characters aboard a space liner where the crew and passengers have been exposed to an extremely dangerous virus. Usually fatal to 1 in 20 members of other races, the Volinian Plague is lethal to all Narn. Between the Narn government attempting to destroy the vessel, the Centauri trying to capture it and nobody allowing it to dock, things will get more than difficult for the crew and passengers of the Athena – they will get deadly. Will the passengers and crew survive? Can someone find a cure? Why is Psi-Corps so interested in this vessel? What is the connection between Talson Pharmaceuticals and IPX? What happened to make the sample containers unstable? The answers to these and other questions are available within this book but answers may not be enough to stave the spread of a deadly new virus…