The Final Flight of Santiago

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2258s an election year, and Luis Santiago is fighting for his political life. Ten years on from the Earth-Minbari war, the Alliance is divided. The colonies push for more independance, Earth worries about alien influence, the megacorporations are turning EarthGov into an oligarchy, the post-war expansion boom is petering out...and the Mars question is still absolute political poison. In a desperate attempt to turn his re-election campaign around, Santiago takes EarthForce One out on a tour of the Alliance, promising to solve all these problems and more. Thats where you come in. As Santiagos advisors and experts, the players will have to grapple with some of the thorniest issues in the Babylon 5 setting, all the while pushing their own political agendas. Who do they serve and who do they trust - and which of them is the traitor working for the Shadows and Vice-President Clark? 32 Pages, Softcover.