Heroes & Allies

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The universe of Babylon 5 is incredibly vast and complex, a place teeming with life of all shapes and forms. Many of these life forms might not even be recognised as such, but life they are nonetheless. On distant worlds new life evolves and gazes at the stars; on ancient worlds the memories of long-dead races whisper through the tumbled ruins of once-great cities, and on the tachyon networks and jump gates of the galaxy the star-faring races write the history texts of the future in blood and hope. Each of the great star-faring races has its own heroes and its own villains, most of whom take part in the great saga that is Babylon 5. These are the individuals who shape the events of the galaxy, whether they intend to or not, their smallest action yielding consequences beyond what they imagine. Much as the stones in the Japanese Garden on Babylon 5 demonstrate the power of one mind to change the world, so do the men and women of Babylon 5, no matter their race, change the face of the galaxy. Heroes and Aliens is dedicated to all these creatures and races, the many forms of life that make the universe of Babylon 5 so deep and compelling. It is dedicated as well to the heroes and villains of Babylon 5, demonstrating their advancement in knowledge and skill throughout the scope of the story. 96 Pages, Hardcover.