Ars Magica RPG (5th Ed.)

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Ars Magica (The Art of Magic) is the award-winning roleplaying game by Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein-Hagen that focuses on wizards who are as powerful as those we know from legend and literature; in the land of Mythic Europe, those legends are real. The rules encourage players to develop their characters over long periods of time, and make the covenant -- the home base of the characters -- central to the stories. Troupe-style roleplaying allows players to take on the roles of multiple characters, so that the players have equal access to power even though the characters do not. This new edition is rewritten to improve the rules for existing players, and to be more attractive and accessible to new audiences. It features all-new graphic design, two-color interior printing, hardcover binding, and a special introductory price. Line Developer David Chart worked on the new edition for the two years. It went through extensive playtesting over a year; this has easily been the most playtesting any edition of the game has received before publication. Playtest groups have included seasoned Ars Magica veterans as well as players who had no previous experience with the game. We are confident that the game appeals to both. Veteran Ars Magica players are clamoring to know whats new and different about 5th Edition. Here are some of the rules change highlights: Magic resistance has been changed so that the Parma Magica is actually the defense its always been said to be. The Laboratory rules have been streamlined and unified around a single core mechanic -- the spell invention mechanic from earlier editions. The spell guidelines have been cleaned up, clarified, and made as consistent as possible. The combat rules have been completely rewritten so that armor and shield grogs are more useful. The introduction to Mythic Europe has been rewritten to provide information thats immediately useful in play. Character creation has been revised to create characters, including magi, at any age, and to create characters of similar power to those advanced through play. 5th Edition Designer: David Chart Creators: Jonathan Tweet & Mark Rein-Hagen Format: 240 pages, 8.5 x 11, case bound, two-color interior printing Release Date: November 2004