Ars Magica: Land of Fire and Ice - Mythic Iceland (4th Ed.)

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Visit a land of wonders ... a place where glaciers stretch to the horizon, where fissures pour forth rivers of molten rock, where giants still tread and ancient spirits guard forgotten secrets. Iceland sits on the edge of the frozen sea, its people clinging to the coastal lowlands while the interior is still the realm of the giants, trolls, spirits and fantastic beasts. On the civilized mainland creatures of legend may rarely show themselves, but in Iceland they rarely hide. Within Europe the Order of Hermes holds absolute magical dominion, but Icelandic magicians go about their business unaware of the Order of Hermes, its magi and their pretensions. These Norse wizards concern themselves with the politics of spirits, warding against troll raids and wresting a good growing season from Icelands capricious weather. Land of Fire and Ice gives your troupe the opportunity to explore this wondrous land ruled by the law, rather than by a king. Magicians live in harmony with their mundane neighbors, but feuds bubble under the veneer of civilization. Included in Land of Fire and Ice are: - A detailed description of Icelands mundane and mystical landscape, culture and law - Two major saga outlines and many story seeds - Two magical traditions unique to Iceland, the galdramen and the trollsons.

Authors: Mark Shirley and David Woods

Format: 128 pages, 8.5 x 11, case bound

Release Date: March 2003