The Eye of Judgment S.1 Starter, Wood Swarm REA

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34 Cards
Use your brainpower, the power of a new generation of Summoning Cards, and the advanced graphics power of Sony’s PS3. This is The Eye of Judgment and your objective is to dominate the map of Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Biolith. Begin with a theme deck of 30 Summoning Cards and as you continue to play choose and collect from over 100 cards, with new ones being added regularly. Now build your strategy with combinations of cards, including weapons, ninja, armoured tanks, undead soldiers, mechs, even fire breathing dragons and powerful spells. Each Summoning card is embedded with a cyber code that is activated when you physically place it under the new Playstation Eye. Characters instantly leap from the card and onto the screen in 3 dimensions. Your strategy, your virtual interaction with your card, even the direction you place the card on the battle map, determines if you will defeat your opponent by dominating 5 of the battle map’s 9 fields. Compete with your friends, over the intern.
Content: 30 Summoning Cards, 4 Function Cards, Summoner's Companion.