Magic The Gathering: Mystery Booster

Wizards of the Coast
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15 Cards
Mystery Booster is a booster pack release inspired by those Chaos, Cube, and off-format drafts.
It is, in effect, a chaos draft in a pack. With some twists. It is by far the largest set we've ever made, clocking in at 1.815 cards per version, you can play it many, many times and never quite have the same experience.
The Mystery Booster is loaded with reprints from over forty previous Magic sets—but these reprints aren’t exactly what today’s Magic players are used to opening in their packs.
Unlike customary reprints, Mystery Booster cards are presented in their original form—original frame, art, typesetting, expansion symbol, legal text, and all.
The retail version includes fifteen cards: fourteen from the main set and one of 121 possible foil cards. The foil cards are cards not found in the main set, making the Draft experience even more repeatable.